Township Permits

A site plan must be submitted to Zoning Administrator for any buildings, ponds, swimming pools and fences.

Arbela Township issues all zoning, building, electrical, plumbing mechanical permits as we have our own inspectors. Tim Anderson is the zoning and building inspector and all permits need to go through him.

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Arbela Township Permits

Building Permit

Contact Zoning Administrator at 989-395-3522 for a zoning permit before you can obtain a building permit. All building permits are issued at the building inspector's home: Tim Anderson, 8281 Lewis Road, Birch Run, MI 48415
Download the Building Permit


Tim Anderson — Building, 989-395-3522
Travis Cooper — Electrical, 810-656-6882
Merle West — Mechanical, 810-908-1770
Merle West — Plumbing, 810-908-1770
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Burning Permit

Call Arbela Township at 989-871-2022 or Millington Township at 989-871-4418. If there's snow on the ground, no permit is required.

Zoning Approval

Contact the building inspector, Tim Anderson — 989-395-3522, for information on building lot sizes in zoning districts. All residences must have a minimum of 980 sq. ft. except the Oak Grove Subdivision which has a minimum of 720 sq. ft.

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