Township Departments

Ed Hunt

Township Supervisor

Ed's duties include:

  • • Moderates board and annual meetings
  • • Secretary to Board of Review
  • • Township’s legal agent
  • • Must maintain records of supervisor’s office
  • • Responsible for tax allocation board budget (if applicable)
  • • Develops township budget
  • • Appoints some commission members
  • • Member of township elections commission
  • • May call special meetings
  • • May appoint a deputy

Chelsea Sebert

Township Clerk

Chelsea's duties include:

  • • Maintains custody of all township records
  • • Maintains general ledger
  • • Prepares warrants for township checks
  • • Records and maintains township meeting minutes
  • • Keeps the township book of oaths
  • • Responsible for regular and special meeting notices
  • • Publishes board meeting minutes
  • • Keeps voter registration file and conducts elections
  • • Chair of township elections commission
  • • Keeps township ordinance book
  • • Prepares financial statements
  • • Delivers tax certificates to supervisor and county clerk by September 30
  • • Must appoint a deputy
  • • Must post a surety bond
Jody Hunt

Township Treasurer

Jody's duties include:

  • • Collects real and personal property taxes
  • • Keeps an account of township receipts (revenues) and expenditures
  • • Disburses township checks
  • • Deposits township revenues in approved depositories
  • • Invests township funds in approved investment vehicles
  • • Collects delinquent personal property tax
  • • Responsible for jeopardy assessments in collecting delinquent personal property tax
  • • Collects mobile home specific tax
  • • Must appoint a deputy
  • • Must post a surety bond

Township Trustee

Gary Woelzlein


Trusties' duties include:

  • • Trustees are members of the township board with an equal vote in decisions within the jurisdiction of the township board. A trustee is an individual placed in a position of public trust with fiduciary responsibilities to manage the affairs of the township for the best interests of the public. The trustee has the responsibility to attend township board meetings and participate in decisions and deliberations.

  • • Trustees are frequently given additional duties and responsibilities by township board action. They are not required to accept such responsibilities but, where possible, should be willing to do so for the best interests of the township.

Township Boards and Commissions

Arbela Township Board of Trustees

Meets the 2nd Monday of the Month at 6:00 p.m.
Supervisor — Edward Hunt 989-871-9212
Clerk — Chelsea Sebert 989-871-2360
Treasurer — Jody Hunt 989-871-9212
Trustee — Tim Anderson 989-398-3522
Trustee — Gary Woelzlein 989-871-4200

Planning Commission

Meets Quarterly at 6:30 p.m.
(September 26, 2022; January 30, 2023)

Chairman — James Kribs
Secretary — Kathie Athey
Vice-Chairman — Duane Weber
Member — Patricia Jewell
Member — Cindy Willson
Member — Kathie Athey
Member — Gary Woelzlein
Alternate — Neil Hecht

Zoning Board of Appeals

Meets as needed.
Chairman — James Kribs
Secretary — Jody A Hunt
Member — Douglas Jackson
Member — Gary Woelzlein II
Member — Peter Mowery
Alternate — James Halley

Millington-Arbela Fire Board

Meets Quarterly
Arbela Township Representatives

Chair — Duane Weber
Member — Tim Anderson
Member — Edward Hunt
Millington Township Representatives
Secretary — Jackie Sabgash
Member — Sharon Keinath
Fire Chief — Dave Russell

Board of Review

James Kribs
Patricia Jewel
Gerald Woelzlein
Alternate- Marla Schiefer

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