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About Our Township

Arbela Township is described as having a quiet, rural atmosphere with extensive open space and natural features. People live in Arbela Township because of high quality of agricultural land and a lifestyle free of urban influences. Arbela residents are concerned that too much growth and development will detract from their quality of life. The township is bordered on the south by Genesee County and west by Saginaw County. Road boundaries are Reese Road, Swaffer Road, Vassar Road and Willard Road.

The town (as it was called back then) was settled in 1850. The first sawmill was built by Henckley & McLean in 1851. A post office was established in 1858 or 1859 in the Southwest part of the township. In 1872 the post office was moved nearer to the center of the township. The first school house was built in 1854 or 1858 in Section 9.

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Our township consists of different boards and departments that work together to make sure of the best conditions for our citizens and guests of the township.

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Since the township foundation, our government and community have been developing the place where we all live. Here are some numbers and facts about our wonderful township.

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