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Arbela Township Permits

Building Permits

Contact Zoning Administrator at 989-395-3522 for zoning permit before you can obtain a building permit.

All building permits are issued at the building inspector's home:
Tim Anderson
8281 Lewis Road

For inspections call:

Tim Anderson — Building, 989-395-3522
Travis Cooper — Electrical, 810-656-6882
Merle West — Mechanical, 810-908-1770
Merle West —  Plumbing, 810-908-1770

Burning Permits:
Call Arbela Township at 871-2022 or
Millington Township at 871-4418
If snow on the ground - no permit required

Zoning Approval:
Contact the building inspector for information
on building lot sizes in zoning districts. 

All residences must have a minimum of 980 sq. ft. except the Oak Grove Subdivision which has a minimum of 720 sq. ft.






Download Arbela Township Fee Schedules

Building Permit Fees

Electrical Permit Fees

Plumbing Permit Fees

Mechanical Permit Fees

Inspectors Schedule

All three fee schedules, plus inspectors schedule

These downloadable forms are available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. If you don't have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, visit www.adobe.com or click the image below:

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